VR / MESH compilation

Last week Stuart and I, started compiling stages for the MESH simulation. Taking still pictures and stitching them together to create a virtual sphere that can be viewed through any available VR goggles or humble cardboard. What we did do different this time is link the location to Google street view, thus allowing the public to view the content that’s created and hopefully begin to engage more of an audience. This is going to be a huge project but i am excited at the prospect of seeing this work!!

VR technology

Today after teaching me and Stu (another lecturer) made some VR movies. Not the dodgy kind, but we are looking at ways to integrate classroom simulation and theoretical learning in a virtual environment. I have talked to my students to get some ideas around using VR in a theoretical paper. Unfortunately i still believe that the practical aspect of using VR technology is going to be easier to develop than a classroom experience.

Still fumbling through ideas really to make this fantastic idea work and incorporate technology in my teaching…hopefully making it better for the students!



Well after finally escaping my marking i have got all my social media connected and today is the day to start with Mobile Social Media Learning Technologies in my teaching. I am not by any means heavily involved with social media in my private life so this already has been a learning experience. Regardless of my own viewpoint, i can see theĀ  huge potential of social media integration and the ability to reach students effectively anywhere.

Excited to see how integrating mobile technology can improve my teaching and hopefully my students retention of knowledge!